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The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services


I am honored to be a part of the upcoming ALA publication The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services, which was edited by Heather Booth and Karen Jensen and features a lot of great pieces written by some of the most awesome teen services librarians around today.  It comes out this summer and you can pre-order it here

Here the official summary:

ALA’s popular and respected Whole Library Handbook series continues with a volume specifically geared towards those who serve young adults, gathering stellar articles and commentary from some of the country’s most innovative and successful teen services librarians. Sections focusing on practice, theory, and the philosophical underpinnings of the profession are supported by current research and historical perspectives. Both instructive and reflective in scope, this essential handbook

  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to the background and day-to-day realities of teen librarianship for LIS students and those new to the field
  • Offers expert tips and wisdom invaluable to those already working with teens
  • Highlights trends, challenges, and opportunities in the changing world of how teens interact with libraries, and what they expect
  • Emphasizes advocacy across all spectrums, including in local communities and among fellow staff who may be anxious about teens in the library
  • Guides staff in providing readers’ advisory to teens
  • Includes ready-to-use marketing resources, templates, and sample teen services and teen volunteer plans

The 3 D’s of 3D Printing (Version 1.0)

2013-12-18 16.18.50

Megan Emery teaches a group of tweens and teens about 3D printing on The 2nd Floor of the Chattanooga Public Library

Over the past month, we’ve been working on a 3D printing program for the 2nd Floor called the 3 D’S of 3D PRINTING

The idea came out of brainstorming session between myself and Megan Emery.  While we were super excited to offer 3D printing to our tweens and teens, it got to be a lot less fun and more of a 3D printing factory.  We wanted to capture the excitement of the 3D printer, give it some guidlines, and help streamline the process.  What came out of the brainstorming session was this:

To introduce tweens, and teens to 3D Printing, they must go through three steps:


  • Tweens and Teens will use Thingiverse.com to locate an item they wish to 3D print.
  • Tweens and Teens will download the STL file.
  • Tweens and Teens will load the STL file into Makerware, resize the object, and make the object into an X3G file to be 3D printed.
  • 3D printed in 20 minutes or less


  • Using Tinkercad.com, Tweens and Teens will create a basic design that can be printed in 30 minutes.
  • Tweens and Teens will download the STL file.
  • Tweens and Teens will load the STL file into Makerware, resize the object, and make the object into an X3G file to be 3D printed.


  • • Using Tinkercad.com or Thingiverse.com, Tweens and Teens will create and/or download a object and have the object print in 1 hour or less.

• You must be present for the print
• The tweens and teens get a card that shows their progress (located at the 2nd Floor Workspace). Staff will mark their progress on the card using their initials.

Over the past month, we’ve beta tested the program with 22 tweens and teens (so far!) and have closely looked at where the program works and where it doesn’t work.  We’ve got some fine tuning to do over the next few months so stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.  In the meantime, have fun 3D printing!

2013 Year In Review

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I’ve always enjoyed writing these year in review posts in the past.  I haven’t done one since 2010 and I thought this year would be a great one to share.  I’m gonna focus on the professional part of my life here and keep it simple.

2013 was the year I fell in love with libraries….again.

It sounds horribly cheesy and easy to say, but it is true.  I came to Chattanooga, TN on April 22, 2013 and three hours into my job I began on an awesome adventure that continues to this day. What we’re trying to accomplish at the Chattanooga Public Library is something that is really difficult to put into words.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to write a blog post about it but ended up scrapping what I had written.  It’s a flexible, evolving, always learning, always trying new things kind of library.  It is a library that responds to the community.  It is a good, no scrap that, great library to be a part of.  I work with awesome people full of awesome ideas and amazing talents.  Whether it be the folks that have been in the library system for 20 years up to the recent hires, everyone is super awesome.

I learned to put everything in the past behind me, to move ahead, to keep saying yes, to keep trying new things, and to grow into whatever role this journey leads me to.  I’m growing up in the library world and with that comes more responsibility and duties.  It can be difficult to grasp these new roles and ideas at first but I’m learning and changing the way I think.

2013 was very awesome.  I am very thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Thank you to everyone who has been reading this blog and following my adventures via social media over the last few years.  I really appreciate all of the great conversations we’ve had and the ideas we’ve shared.  I hope we continue to do this in 2014 and beyond.