Justin The Librarian vs. Coffee


Coffee scares me.  Every time I have a cup, my heart races and I feel like I am moving faster than the speed of light.  I always flirt with thoughts of having a heart attack on the spot.  Expert coffee drinkers tell me that this has something to do with caffeine. It must mess with my brain as well as enhance my ability to run around faster than The Flash.

I’m much more of a tea drinker…all because of my mother.  A staunch fan of Lipton Tea with 6 sugars thank you very much, my mother got me hooked at a young age.  Bad parenting?  You may think that.  I call it delicious parenting.

As I’ve gotten older, the coffee monster has stalked me.  People claimed it was a “must have” for those “late nights” in grad school.  Now that I’m an “adult” working a “real job”, people say that it is a must have to help wake up in the morning.  I prefer one stainless steel reusable thermos full of water.  That really gets the Justin The Librarian engine moving!  Nothing helps me say “let’s provide excellent service to my teen library patrons” more than this.

The downside to all of this:  Justin The Librarian feels left out of the socializing that takes place around the staff coffee pot.  I get sad.  I sit with my water and tea and read about social networking on my Google Reader.  I have a blast!  But I still yearn for social interaction.

2009 has been the year of “Justin The Librarian attempts to come to peace with Coffee”.  It’s been rough.  The stuff freaks me out.  I usually have one cup per week, make my social interactions, and then I’m happy.  But this new thing just came into my life.   They call it a latte.


The standard version comes with espresso and milk.  People tell me espresso is like a high powered version of coffee.  I DON’T CARE.  MIX IT WITH THAT FOAMING MILK STUFF AND IT IS WONDERFUL.  I also dove into the tea latte.  I love this as well.  6 sugars, foaming milk, and Starbucks tea makes a boy happy.  I may be behind the times with this one, but I predict this latte thing will be THE BIG THING IN 2010.


  1. congrats. my romance with coffee began in April 2008 at the NJLA conference when I went to have lunch and coffee with the a buddy of mine who is the director of the Hawthorne NJ library (and probably the youngest lib director in NJ). He drinks pots per day. I drink a pot a day in my office, black, but I don’t drink it when i first wake up and I don’t have a coffee pot at home.

    That story was pointless, sorry.

  2. I’m a recuperating coffeeholic. The heart palpitations and manic behavior made me feel like I was watching myself in a movie…couldn’t keep up. I do Starbucks DECAF latte with nonfat milk…yummy…and have decaf made with a cone that fits on a mug, make a cup at a time…delish!

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