The Fifteen Greatest Part 12

Not much music has been heard from Weezer and Rivers during during 1998-1999, but what has been heard is amazing.  Pinkerton was damn good, but I have a feeling I’d like this stuff a bit more.

Sadly, Weezer didn’t record any albums in 1998-1999…but they tried.  Their original bassist Matt Sharp left them in 1997.  His replacement was Mikey Welsh.  Things got weird for Rivers in 1998.  The details are still unknown but it seems like he just sort of withdrew from the world.  Rumor has it that he painted his walls black and just hid away listening to popular music, dissecting and studying it, and writing his own hits.

Luckily, we got one of those 1998 gems on the 2009 Weezer album Raditude.  Titled The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World, it shows what could’ve happened in 1998-1999.  Luckily, we still have these songs.  Sadly, they were not on the third Weezer album.  Oh, how things could’ve been different.


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