The Fifteen Greatest Part 15

Oh, the one hit wonder.  Lots of people mock you but lots more people sing along to you.  Some are out in the open and some are hiding their musical tastes, but we all do love you.

The Safety Dance by Men Without Hats is probably the most recognizable one hit wonder out there.  It’s just so good that you’re gonna have to listen to it again.

I don’t consider Dexy’s Midnight Runners to be one hit wonders (they had three really amazing albums) but oh well.  Most people do.  Anywho, Come On Eileen is an amazing tune.

You’re best bet is to start in the 80’s.  I find that the best one hit wonders were from that decade.  From there, go to the 70’s but be warned.  Lots of bad singer/songwriter/easy listening type stuff.  From there on out, the 90’s and 00’s are rather spotty.  But who can forget this song!

Thanks for reading along over the past few weeks.  I hope you can get something out of my top 15 musical moments of all time.


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