Google Wave: Blah or too early to tell?

I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but man do I love Google.  I don’t know if librarians are allowed to, but what the heck.  I just do.  I love all their apps, I love their services, and I just love how connected Google allows me to stay with the rest of the world.

So when Google announced Wave, I was very giddy.  “THIS WILL CHANGE THE WORLD IMMEDIATELY!” and other important things were said.  I got my invite and I rejoiced!  Lots of other librarians rejoiced as they got invited as well!  Things were great!

And then we got into it.  It was slow.  And weird.  And clunky.  I checked Wave every day to see what was going on.  Things got slower with time.  Less waves were being updated.  I lost interest.

Now, I may log onto Wave once, maybe twice a week, browse for a moment and then log off.

What do you think about Wave?  Did you get into it or did you have an experience like mine?  Do you think this is just a temporary thing?  Part of the learning curve?  Do you think Wave will fully reach it’s potential or do we have a Google Dud on our hands?



  1. I have to say that I felt the same way about Wave(the enthusiasm, the hype)–and I think a lot of others did to. Since there hasn’t been a much activity on it, I’m also assuming that others are frustrated, like myself, with the performance of the site. Personally, I’m just annoyed with the allover clunkiness of it and I would use it more if Google would invest more time into ironing out its wrinkles. As for Chrome–LOVE IT and I find myself using it more and more all the time. I’m really impressed with its speed and how quickly pages load. Thumbs up and hugs to Chrome.

    • Melissa…
      I keep hearing that Wave runs a lot smoother on Chrome, but I haven’t seen any results yet. I did just add the Chrome notifier extension to my Chrome browser at home. We’ll see how that works.

  2. I feel ya, Justin! As one of those people with whom you connected on wave, I haven’t really been going back there often to see what’s going on. We’ll see if it catches on as it was predicted to.

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