Getting older=Not that bad

I’ll be turning 30 this June.  I’m starting to hear these tpes of comments a lot…

My, you’re getting old!  Doesn’t it stink?  Better start working out!  Get ready for old age!  I bet your whole body aches!  Get ready for dinner at 4pm and bed by 8pm!  Welcome to real life!

Honestly, I dig this getting older thing and I can’t wait for more of it.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned as I get older is that life has very little to do with just me.  It’s more about everything as a whole.  I am really starting to see how everything around me is connected.

I used to think life was like a video game.  You’re always leveling up, getting new ideas, getting to new stages, and all that good stuff.   It was very much this 1980’s IT’S ALL ABOUT ME attitude.  I have no idea why I adopted this.  But it seems like that was the general feeling around me.

Something changed recently.  I believe it was my trek to ALA Midwinter and the loads of discussions about librarianship I’ve been having with one person in particular.  Buffy Hamilton has been kicking my professional ass recently.  She’s a school librarian who really thinks outside the box.  Take that outside the box thinking, add in my general misunderstanding of just how important school librarians are to our profession (more on that to come later) and viola! You have Justin The Librarian realizing this:

Changing something for one person means everything. It all spreads.  It’s all connected.

Buffy’s quest to get the website Diigo unblocked at her school library put this thought into my head (you can read about that here! A How-To for Fighting Content Filters).  What seems like a small accomplishment for one school librarian and her students is really so much more than that.  Think about the possibilities Buffy has created for her students…the chance to learn, share, interact, connect.  They’ll take those possibilities, apply those to their own lives and BOOM!  CHAIN REACTION!

(Sorry, I just had to do that).

So yeah…getting older isn’t that bad.


One comment

  1. Getting older is not that bad. For me, turning 30 was a big deal – I left my stable job two days before my birthday in order to go get my MLIS, which for me was an abrupt change of careers.

    In addition that big obvious transition, for me turning 30 was about gaining confidence that I never had as a younger man. I had finally grown into myself and my maturity, and got more comfortable socially and professionally.

    It was good. I’ve liked my 30s more than my 20s, in a lot of ways. And I’m only three years in.

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