Library Day in the Life Round 4, January 2010

A lot of what I’m doing these days involves community and thinking outside the box.  I’m focusing a lot of my efforts on creating things that will build community.  Whether it be over at or in the planning of my teen events at the Cape May County Library, my goal is to get people together to learn, enjoy life, and share.

Recently, I’ve been working on expanding a project with teen author Keri Mikulski that we are calling Teen Tales. Basically, it’s an 8 week workshop that her and I run where we get a group of teens together and each teen creates a short story.  At the end of the program, we collect the stories and publish our own book called Teen Tales.  It gives the teens a glimpse into the world of creativity, publishing, and community.  They meet and join together with other local authors that are the same age as them and through that we’re hoping they’re inspired to create and recognize the value of having like minded individuals together.

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