FourSquare: The next big thing (?)

I recently stumbled into the foursquare world all because of the release of their new BlackBerry app.  I’m happy I got into it.

I can’t really say much that hasn’t been already said by David Lee King and Julie Strange concerning foursquare and libraries.  I highly suggest you check out these two amazing posts and learn as much as you can from them.

I have this feeling that foursquare is going to be the next big thing that brings us together.  We as librarians need to understand this tool and harness its power!

One comment

  1. […] 如Julie Strange所说,这个服务虽然还没有成为主流。但是它正在受到越来越多的图书馆领域内外的人的关注,所以有人认为它可能成为“图书馆的下一件大事”。最后值得一提的是,它虽然是“面向全球的”,但是至少在中国,无论是关注程度还是已经创建的地点都是非常少的,而且考虑到它需要的技术支持(比如智能手机),我也并不是特别看好它在中国的发展。信息素质这件事真的是我们(尤其是我们公共图书馆)当下必须要开始关注的。 […]

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