Librarian Day in the Life Part II: The Revenge

(I’m going to combine yesterday/today into one post)

  • Got a new computer with Windows 7.  I’m getting used to the features, but I like what it has offered so far.  A step ahead for Microsoft.
  • MULTITASKING! is what it seems to be all about these days.  One minute it is the IPad, the next blogging, the next helping patrons.  My mind is buzzing around at a mile a minute. I feel a bit overwhelmed yet at the same time excited.
  • Last night was my first attempt at a Teen Open Mic Night at my library.  It went well.  We had 15 teens show up.  It was mostly a low key affair with some amazing choreographed dancing, a few original songs, some acapella singing, and poetry reading.  I broke the ice and performed one of my original songs as well as a Weezer song.  That got the teens excited and then for the next two hours they contributed all the material.  It was really great to see them come out of their shell and shine.  We have some very talented teens in the world and I pledge to do my best as a librarian to encourage creativity.
  • I’m still getting things together for summer teen programs at the Cape May County Library.  I’ve got two of my big programs locked up but I want to add more.  My Teen Advisory Board has given me some great ideas.  Now, I just have to kick my own butt into gear and get things done.  Sometimes the inspiration is there but the drive isn’t.  Drat.
  • I helped a middle aged man apply for a job at Petsmart.  He came into the library and looked a little lost.  We signed him up for a computer and he explained to me that he really has no previous experience using a computer.  He knew that you used the mouse to get around but other than that he didn’t know how to get the information he wanted.  I sat down with him and got him to the Petsmart website and helped him begin the application.  I explained a few of the basics concerning computers and showed him how to manage the website.  I asked him if he was comfortable to try it himself.  He was, but I assured him that I was right behind him at my desk if he needed me.  He called on me a few times, but after 1 hour he had finished the application.  I am proud of him.  I hope he gets the job and I hope he can now take his new skills with computers and apply them to his life.
  • I’m also in the middle of a mini-crisis at work.  I am not going to get into any details, but it has made life at the library a little uncomfortable.  I am sorting through the details to work things out on my end.  I just want happiness!

In the greater scope of things, I am seeing how it is all about positivity.  Life can get rough sometimes, but I always try to keep positivity and good vibrations in my head.  It is working out so far!  A positive attitude can take you places.  I am a 21st Century Hippie.

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