What I learned over the past 2 years: A thank you to the Cape May County Library (Part 1)

It’s amazing the stuff you can learn in two years.  When I came to Cape May County, New Jersey in May 2008, I was feeling washed up as a librarian.  This was not good, since I had just graduated from Clarion University with my MLS.  I came into a library that had a very small teen program established.  The goal was to send things through the roof.

I didn’t think I had the energy.  I was worried that with all my new tools (bigger budgets, more space) I’d still let people down.  However, what I found around me was a staff that was ready to inject me with all the inspiration in the world.  People were excited that I was doing something.  Their excitement fed my desire to create more and more programs for teens.  I was on a roll.

It was here at the Cape May County Library that I found out what kind of librarian I was.  I am Justin The Librarian, a teen librarian who’s always looking on the positive side of things.  I’m here to inspire and change the world.  I’m here to help.  I’m here for people.  Without the support of the staff at the library, I wouldn’t be doing what I am today.  For that, I am enternally grateful.

To the Library Administration: Thank you for giving me the freedom to run teen services the way I do.  You really gave me free reign even when I came to you with some out there ideas.  Not only that, but through your example I feel like I am able to lead others better.  That was something I did not have before I came to this library.

To the Circulation Staff: Thank you for putting up with my 2 years of whimsical, yet fun teen library programs.  Thank you for letting teens be teens in the library.

To the Behind the Scences crew (ILL, payroll, etc): Without you, the library would fall apart.  I appreciate you keeping tabs on everything while I plugged away.  Thank you for dealing with my massive video game orders, cutting the checks for my teen programs, and so much else.

To the Technical Services crew: Thank you for dealing with my massive reshuffling/expanding of the teen areas at the Cape May County Library.  It was lots of work and without your support I couldn’t have done it.

To the Automation crew: Technology plays a HUGE part in my job.  Without it, I couldn’t bring effective teen services to our teen patrons.  Thank you for solving all my technology needs.  You are the brain of the library!

To the branch libraries: Thank you for your support and thank you for allowing me to come to your library to revamp the teen sections and have programs.  I wish I would’ve had the chance to work with all of you a bit more.

To the Game Night Crew: Gaming in Libraries has really become my passion lately and without your hard work on the Game Night program, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Thank you for being their for the gamers in our community.  Your passion and excitement for gaming has created an extremely successful program that will be running at the Cape May County Library for years to come.

To the Children’s Staff: When it comes to Youth Services, I am happy to have worked with a team like you.  It was great running programs for all ages with you.  I think we also tackled the rough area of tweens really well and served that population the best we could!

To the Technology Education Center: The need for technology education is so apparent in the many users that I’ve seen come into the library over the past two years that have needed help filling out online applications.  The good news?  You are there for them.

To our Reference Staff: Thank you for your guidance.  Reference has always been my weak point as a librarian, but with your help I think I’ve expanded my knowledge of reference services quite a bit.

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