WEEZER “Reditude”

The Prettiest Girl in The Whole Wide World

Pork and Beans

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived

(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

Trippin’ Down The Freeway

Run Over By A Truck

Miss Sweeney



The Angel and The One

I really dig “The Red Album” and “Raditude”.  I’ve said a few things about those albums here and here so I’m not gonna go off on that tangent again.  I will say this: I found myself thinking recently “what would make these albums perfect?”  The solution?  Combine the two into a classic 10 song Weezer album.  I asked myself “what would make me most excited as a long time Weezer fan if I heard these two albums combined?”  With this in mind and lots and lots of edits my IPod playlists, this is the tracklist I picked for myself.  I love it.

It’s got a bit of both experimental and poppy, two things that I think Weezer does really well.  You have to have a balance.  Blue was poppy and bright.  Pinkerton was experimental and edgy.  But you gotta remember that Blue was also experimental (“Only In Dreams” doesn’t sound like anything else that came out in 1994) and Pinkerton was poppy (c’mon, sing along to the chorus of “El Scorcho”).  So I blended the epic “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” and the, dare I say it, perfect “The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World” with with the infectious pop of “Pork and Beans” and the classic Weezer huge chorus sound of “Miss Sweeney”.

I love this album.

(Yes.  I left an awful lot of WONDERFUL songs off.  Do I love those songs?  Yes.  As a matter a fact, I really love them all.  These ten however,  really do it for me.  This reimagining is TOTALLY up for discussion, as it really just does reflect my personal taste as a Weezer fan.)


  1. You should join the forum, where we discuss stuff like this all the time.

    While you did a great job choosing the best songs, I feel like I Don’t Want To Let You Go, The Underdogs, Dreamin’, and The Spider all deserve a spot as well. I’d take out King in favor of one of the other tracks I listed.

    Also, the second half of your album is all slow songs and would start to drag.

    • Hey dude! I’m already on AllThingsWeezer. I am honkey doorie. I haven’t posted much recently (I’ve got a 15 month old and work quite a bit) but I used to be quite active in the RCB/AlbumSix/Weezernation forums.

      The 2nd half: You’re totally dead on. For some reason, I always dig very slow endings to albums.

      It was tough to leave off all those songs you mentioned. Those were the 4 that I actually had the most trouble with.

    • I did! I’ve always enjoyed the song, as I think it takes Weezer a step forward. It isn’t like anything in their catalog and while it may not have the best lyrics, it is a good example of the experimental vibe I think Weezer can pull off if they try to go that route.

  2. Dude, these are clearly the 10 best songs from those two albums: Pork and Beans, Greatest Man, Dreamin, Angel + the One, Miss Sweeney, Girl Got Hot, Put Me Back Together, Can’t Stop Partying (Coconut Teaser Mix), Don’t Want to let you go, and Underdogs.

    The last two are perhaps debatable, but all others are solid.

    Now you just need a list of the best songs from Green/Maladroit/Make Believe and you’ve got a 4th really good Weezer album.

    • Dreamin’ and I Don’t Want To Let You Go were SOOOO hard to cut. I love those tunes so much.

      I wanna get on the Green/Mala/Make Believe list next. Let me give this some thought. It may need to be two discs. So many outtakes from that era!

      • I think Green stands on it’s own… we all wanted another Pinkerton, but it is what it is… the only “bad” song on there is Crab… Had the album started with “I Do,” had “Starlight” instead of “Crab,” and added one more song… maybe “Always”… it would’ve been a good album.

        As for Mal/MB – here’s what I’d have done:

        Perfect Situation
        Keep Fishin’
        Dope Nose
        Beverly Hills
        American Gigalo
        This is Such a Pity
        The Other Way
        Hold Me

      • I agree with you on Green. While I don’t really agree with the production value on that album, that’s mostly my personal choice. Starlight is a great tune. I Do should’ve been on the album.

        My Mala/MB mashup is gonna take lots of thought. I love a lot on those albums, especially the stuff they left off (what about those album 5 demos? The Organ Player blows my mind!)

        God, a box set of that whole era is NEEDED! You hear me Rivers?

  3. Interesting topic…
    I’d go with this:

    I Want You To
    Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World
    Put Me Back Together
    I Don’t Want to Let You Go
    Pork And Beans
    The Angel and the One

    While the songs/order are debatable, it’s clear that there is a lot of filler on these two albums…

  4. Hey since you’re in deep with the band, ask them why I heard this morning that weezer would be at Ohio State Fair -columbus on July 31, and now I can’t find any info on it?

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