If this is communication, I disconnect

For 27 years Ive been trying to believe
and confide in different people I’ve found.
Some of them got closer than others and
someone wouldnt even bother and then you came around

I didnt really know what to call you, you didnt know me at all
But I was happy to explain.
I never really knew how to move you
So I tried to intrude through the little holes in your veins
And I saw you

But thats not an invitation, thats all I get
If this is communication, I disconnect
Ive seen you, I know you
But I dont know
How to connect, so I disconnect

I’m not gonna beat around the bush folks.  I’ve been down quite a bit recently.  And confused.  The idea of disconnecting from the internet has crossed my mind so many times over the past few weeks.  I want to throw my Blackberry into the ocean.  I want to cancel my internet subscription.  Delete my Twitter account, withdraw from Facebook, and heck, maybe even stop blogging.

Social media is a beautiful thing.  I get so much inspiration and ideas from being involved.  I’ve met so many wonderful people using social media that I now call my friends.  Yet at the same time, social media has been weighing heavily on my soul.  Sometimes you put so much into something you believe so much in and you get very little out.  Maybe I’m just being a selfish jerk.  I don’t know.   But anywho, it feels like there’s a communication breakdown.

How do you get out of a communication breakdown?


  1. I can relate, man. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in a social media funk. http://johnkennerly.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/social-exhaustion/ (And check out Andy’s comment) At the time I was perceiving it more as exhaustion, but thinking back, disconnect would have been a good word as well. It would have been easy to convince me to sling some technology around.

    Hang in there. If the passion is genuine (and I bet it is), the richness will return. Maybe it’s in finding the balance between our social media and face-to-face connections. I am learning that each can benefit from the other.

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