The stereotypical “I GOT AN IPAD” post

I’ll save you a lot of hassle and sum it up all neatly in a few bullet points:

  • Yes, I love the IPad.
  • It’s totally fucking cool.  It’s like I am in 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Complaints?  I wish Google Docs would work with it.  I wish it wasn’t so expensive.
  • DRM is a pain in the butt and a big problem for libraries, however, when I use my IPad I’m really not thinking about DRM.
  • EBooks on the IPad = EXCELLENT
  • I sure wish I could borrow library books on my IPad.
  • $12.99 for an EBook?  Seriously?
  • Gaming?  Awesome.  Sort of wish I had a controller though.
  • Reading?  Awesome.  No complaints.
  • Video?  Can’t find a lot of stuff I want on YouTube but…the app works pretty well other than that.
  • Netflix?  The app is a bit slow, but there is room for improvement.

That’s my wife and little boy enjoying some videos on the IPad.  They dig it.  And that means the world to me.  Our family sits around the IPad reading and consuming content.  It’s fun.  We can go from reading to watching a video in a second.  That’s a cool thing.

Is it for everyone?  I don’t know.  Just test one out at an Apple store.  You will be pretty amazed but the real joy happens when you take one home.  Relaxing, reading, watching, playing, etc…well, it just takes the device to a whole new level.


  1. Curious. When you say a $12.99 ebook is expensive, are you referring to a harcover that otherwise would cost $24-30? Or, for instance, a mass market.

    • To be honest sir, I don’t buy any new books. I may not be the best example since I don’t buy a lot of books new. In fact, I can’t remember the time I did buy a new book.

      With digital books, I never really feel like I own the material. I feel like I’m paying to borrow it, so $12.99 seems like so much since I grew up with the public library. The EReaders on the market are also pretty expensive (in my own opinion, the IPad is all I need and that’s $500) so sinking more money into something that big also turns me away. For real, I just want to borrow books from my public library. That’s not the librarian in me talking…that’s the Dad that would much rather take that $12.99 and put it into a savings account for my little boy.

  2. I guess true, you can look at it from your perspective as a consumer which says you don’t want to pay anything for the book. But someone has to pay for the book. Does your comment have any bearing on what you think a library should pay for the book, or is that a completely separate issue?

    True, eReaders are expensive. But I think that’s a completely separate beast. Should the price of books be lower just because you paid $X for a reader? It seems like the price of the reader really can’t equate into the price of the book, as they’re completely separate products.

    • “Does your comment have any bearing on what you think a library should pay for the book, or is that a completely separate issue?”

      I think it’s a totally separate issue. I can honestly tell you that libraries are DYING to get into the ebook world, but there’s little for us to dive into. Overdrive sucks. Most of the other services suck. The Apple IBook store is just one click and boom. Overdrive has what feels like 30 clicks. As a librarian, I’d gladly pay $12.99 to add an ebook to my library to lend out if it meant easy access for my patrons.

      You’re right. eReaders are a totally separate beast. Damn emotions getting in the way! 🙂

      Am I making sense? I don’t feel like I am. Basically, I feel like people want to be able to share and lend ebooks. Right now, you really can’t do that. It bums me out.

      (Thanks for the awesome discussion on this by the way)

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