Social Media Vacation

I never really knew how much I was plugged into the social media world until I hit 10,000 tweets.  It then occurred to me that I was way to absorbed in this world.  I thought to myself ” Dude, slow down.  Just think about all the stuff you’re missing.”

And boy, was I missing a lot.

Social Media Vacation 2010 started for me on Friday June 18 at 1pm and lasted until Monday June 22 at 9am.   Did I miss a lot?  No.  A few more emails to catch up on, a few tweets to reply to, a few Facebook replies.  Not much.

Instead, I got to spend a weekend with my family.  It was beautiful.  My boy Finn now can make clicking sounds like a clock.  He also blows kisses all the time and loves to point out every motorcycle and bus that he sees.  I fell in love with my wife Haley again.  I realized just how much I love hanging out with her and doing nothing.  You don’t get that too often with someone else.  On Sunday, we went to Whole Foods and then I got a Father’s Day Frosty (Wendy’s is one of my guilty pleasures..shhh). We didn’t do much, but it was one of the best days I’ve had in ages.  Why?  I was surrounded by love.

I’m not gonna preach to everyone here, but I think Social Media Vacations are a good thing.  Carve out some time where you don’t tweet, check in, blog, or even look at Facebook.  Take a step further and just turn off your phone.  Surround yourself with love.  You’ll be happy.

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