Review: Dropbox

Throw your USB drive away*.


Dropbox is a free web based cloud computing storage/sharing tool that will most likely blow your mind.  Sign up is free, and to begin you start out with 2 GB of space.  More information about their pay plans can be found here.  What makes Dropbox so friggin’ easy to use is their handy drag and drop way of handling file storage.  You simply just drag and drop it into your Dropbox folder and BOOM! you can access it from any other computer either via the Dropbox website or the downloaded Dropbox file manager (I highly suggest this.  It makes sharing and storage a heck of a lot easier)


We live in a time where we’re using many systems each day.  I myself am juggling between two work computers, a Blackberry, and a laptop and iPad at home.  I don’t really want to carry a USB drive in my pocket all day.  Heck, the iPad doesn’t even want my stinking USB drive.  Dropbox fixes all of that.


I highly recommend Dropbox for everyone.  The sharing aspect of Dropbox gives it another dimension.  If I drop something into Dropbox and share it with a friend, it’s there the next time they open up their Dropbox.  Simple and effective.

If you wanna sign up for Dropbox, you can do so by clicking here (I must add this…clicking this link will let Dropbox know I referred you to them. All that this does is give me 250 MB of extra space for free.  If you do this, I owe you.  Thanks)

*Well, I don’t know if you should do that.  But I’m not using my USB drive anymore.  I haven’t found any need to.


  1. dropbox is amazing! the sharing feature is also great for collaborative projects. i used it to share articles with a co-writer of an article. so much easier than emailing large files back and forth! the ipad version is cool too. i like that it recognizes that i have pages on my ipad and will open docs up there.

    anyway, great post! sorry i can’t sign up for you though!! 🙂

    • “i used it to share articles with a co-writer of an article. so much easier than emailing large files back and forth”

      Exactly! With Google Docs and now Dropbox, I don’t really carry anything around for saving my work. It’s all there when I need it.

      I had an “ooooh ahhhh” moment last night with Dropbox when a friend shared some Blur live MP3’s with me on Dropbox on the iPad. I just opened it up and boom! It was there waiting for me.

      And I danced!

  2. Great post! There is definitely demand for this kind of service. I personally use FilesDIRECT to send large files and store them online: you can send 2GB files even with the free plan, storage starts at 2GB, there’s no software to install AND it includes 128-bit SSL encryption on all transfers. Pretty sweet!

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