The Beach Boys “Friends” (Part 1)

One of my favorite all time albums is the 1968 release by The Beach Boys Friends.  Soft and floating on the surface, for me the album best represents the feeling that we all have just before we fall asleep at night.  You know, that peaceful moment where everything just comes together before we enter the land of dreams.  Besides the amazing Pet Sounds, nowhere is it more clearly expressed that Brian Wilson’s motive for writing music was to spread love to the rest of the world than on Friends.

“Meant For You”

Almost a prayer, “Meant For You” establishes the vibe of the album.  Soft and simple, The Beach Boys were not here to rock you with this one.  Instead, let’s just cuddle and be friends.


Listen to those killer harmonies and the beautiful understated arrangement.  This waltz is a true gem in The Beach Boys catalog.  However, you gotta remember that waltz’s really were not the thing back in 1968.

“Wake The World”

In my early twenties, I would fall asleep to this song almost every night.  Even though the song is about waking up and facing the world, it has almost a lullaby like quality to it.

“Be Here In The Mornin'”

Weird lyrics coupled with the understated production approach that is the theme for the album, this song is an enjoyable listen that continues the trend of love and relaxation.

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