The Beach Boys “Friends” (Part 2)

“When A Man Needs A Woman”

Sort of goofy, but as a father I can identify with it.   Brian was anticipating the birth of his first child (in the song, he thinks it is gonna be a boy, but in reality, it was a girl…Carnie Wilson to be exact) and you can just hear his joy in this song.

“Passing By”

One of my favorites on this album, this quasi instrumental shows just what The Beach Boys were capable of.  Try finding something as interesting and daring as this in the catalog of any other 60’s bands releasing albums around that time.  Now, fast forwards to today and count the number of indie bands doing this same stuff.  You won’t have enough fingers to count.

“Anna Lee, The Healer”

1968 was all about Transcendental Meditation for many rock stars, and this song is The Beach Boys touching on that subject.  I love the soft bongo touches in the song as well as the vocal fade out.

“Little Bird”

As one of Dennis Wilson’s first forays into songwriting, “Little Bird” kind of interrupts the positive vibe that Friends had going up to this point, but at the same time, we all need a wee bit of that minor chord music in our lives.

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