Ray LaMontagne, quite the Maine man. I don't really like his music (personal choice) but he lives in Maine and has the look down.

Long before I moved to Maine in March 2010, I had this idea of what most Maine men look like.  Their hair was a bit shaggy, they wore interesting clothes, and they all had beards.  When I got here, I found my idea to be mostly true.  Lots of shaggy hair, lots of interesting clothes, and goddamn, the beards were huge.

With this idea combined with my love of projects, I dreamed up Project Maine Beard as my own little way of getting accustomed to life in almost Canada.  I had always wanted to grow a huge beard with shaggy hair at some point in my life.


My inspiration was moving to Maine, but also Brian Wilson.  His mid 1970’s fat/long beard/wearing a bath robe/watching a lot of TV/eating lots of food/being a social recluse period has always been a favorite of mine and I feel like everyone’s gotta have one of those.  From what I hear, Maine in the winter is pretty nasty, so I planned Project Maine Beard to start November 1st 2010 as a way of getting my face/head ready to keep me warm.  However, I got a bit antsy.


Starting yesterday, September 1st, 2010, Project Maine Beard is in full effect.  I’ll blog about it once a week with photo updates on my Flickr account in the Project Maine Beard folder.  The plan is this:

  • I can’t shave my face from September 1 2010 to April 1 2010 .
  • I can’t get my haircut at all.  No trims.  Nothing.
  • I have to start off at zero.  I have to shave my head and also my beard to the bare minimum.
  • I have to blog at least once a week
  • I have to take a photo everyday.

What’ll this do?  I have no clue.  I just really want to be a Maine man.  Also, I’m getting old.

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