Weezer’s moment of redemption: The Album 5 demos

I’ve talked about my love of Weezer many many times (click here to read about it again if you want to).  The years between 2000-2002 were a particularly dark time for me as a Weezer fan.  I wasn’t 100% happy with the style that the band took on The Green Album and Maladroit. Looking back on things, I just realize that it was too big of a change musically that I didn’t really connect with.  Over time, I’ve grown to become a fan of those albums, but at the time of their release I was pretty bitter and upset, thinking that Weezer had abandoned their old school fan base in order to cash in on something bigger.

Released sometime during the first half of 2002, the Album 5 Demos by Weezer was the start of a new chapter for me as a Weezer fan.  Unlike any other batch of Weezer songs to date, the Album 5 Demos took the band to a different level.  The styles were all over the map and the band clearly was experimenting with little care about a commercial sound.  This was something I could get behind.

I realized that Weezer Mach II wasn’t all about the money and fame like I had thought.  Instead, I realized that Weezer was a new band.  The Weezer I loved back in the 90’s were gone and there was nothing I could do but listen to the past and remember those times.  If I was to carry on as a Weezer fan, I’d have to accept their new music and direction.  This was where I grew to love Weezer Mach II.

The song “The Organ Player” really struck a chord with me.  The vibe was laid back and the lyrics did more storytelling than Rivers had ever attempted to before in a song.  It was just a beautiful hymn-like tune that I still love listening to this day.  I met Rivers during the 2002 summer Weezer tour and asked him about the song.  He said something along the lines of “oh yeah, we’ll try that one again.”  I don’t think they ever did, but I sure wish they’d give it a shot.

“Booby Trap” doesn’t really sound like Weezer but maybe that’s why I love it.  It really captures the courages approach the band took towards music at this time.  It ain’t soul shattering like Pinkerton was to so many people, but who cares.  The tunes were pretty good and that’s all I needed at the time.

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