I’m sorry Foursquare, I’m just not that into you

Dear Foursquare,

I think it’s time that we broke up.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate you and your potential, but I just don’t see where this is headed.  I don’t get much from checking in to you other than a crowded Twitter and Facebook stream that just annoys people.  I wish you had more specials and other things to offer, but for now I think we should call it a day.

I’ll keep my account with you.  It’s nice to see who is checking into my library and when they’re using our services.  Who knows, maybe when you grow up a little bit and start to offer more I’ll come back to you.  But for now, I’m getting rid of the Foursquare app on my phone.  I’d also like to see how the others that are like you (GoWalla, Facebook Places) grow up along side of you.  I’m hoping they make you stronger.

Have fun Foursquare.  Best of luck in the future.  Maybe our paths will cross.




  1. I dropped 4sq as well. There wasn’t enough people playing to make it interesting to me and the ‘rewards’ were not interesting enough to me. I’m sure if I was more urban it would be a bigger deal, but since I’m not, it just feel to the wayside.

    I did add my library’s location and some tips to it, but I don’t check it.

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