Bucket List 1-20

Everyone does these, right?

  1. Perform the entire Pinkerton album with Weezer.  If that doesn’t work out, perform at least one song with them live.
  2. Vacuum the floor.
  3. Get people to stop using cat litter.  Instead, have them use dirt.  It’s free.
  4. Show the world that “the economy” doesn’t really exist and that it’s a huge scam to keep us working.
  5. Live in Europe for a brief time with the whole family.  If that doesn’t work, at least visit it for a longer period of time.
  6. Have at most 3 kids.  I really want at least one daughter.
  7. Establish a casual friendship with Drew Barrymore.
  8. Eat 10 Beefy Five Layer Burritos (minus sour cream) at Taco Bell in one sitting.
  9. Complete a “mall food marathon” at a few local malls (one item from each mall eatery in one day, food court and extra mall eateries included).
  10. Travel back in time: 1966-1967: Hang out with Brian Wilson as he writes/records SMiLE, 1980: See The Clash live during the Sandinista! era, 1980-1985 Visit lots of malls, hang out in arcades, 1920: Hang out with some flappers and listen to jazz, L:ate 70’s/Early 80’s: Witness both the birth of hip hop and the NYC Gay scene.
  11. Establish an independent library to take on a local public library.  Competition will help bring public libraries up to date a lot quicker.
  12. Immerse myself more in things like meditation, acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, vitamins, and organic/local eating.  I already do it and it makes me feel good…why not take it to the next level?
  13. Get rid of all the belongings I am not using. That giant box of He-Man and Voltron toys are not doing me any good sitting in my basement.  Sell them or trade them with someone who can use them.
  14. Obtain a complete collection of Nintendo systems.  Japanese ones included.  Every version of the Gameboy and DS as well.
  15. Drink a lot of chocolate milk.
  16. Participate in a skee-ball tournament and take home first place.
  17. Own a skee-ball machine.
  18. Become a master of Super Mario Brothers for the NES and hold the world record for a speed run in that game.
  19. Visit New Zealand/Australia/Sweden/UK.
  20. Read a Charles Dickens novel.


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