The 2010 Edublog Awards: My Nominations

Best individual blog: P.C. Sweeney’s Blog

  • The dude stinks of excitement and brilliant new ideas in an amazing way.  The world needs more enthusiastic dudes like him.

Best individual tweeter: Tim Spalding @librarythingtim

  • Yes, Tim is my neighbor (he lives down the street from me) but here’s the deal: I ain’t nominating him because one time we drank really good whiskey in his house and talked books and libraries.  I’m nominating him because his tweets challenge me to think differently about my role in our community (Portland, ME) as a librarian.  He’s the kick in the ass that I need most days to remain focused on the bigger goal: be there for my community before being there for myself professionally.

Best group blog:

  • ALA Learning has some of the top trainers in the library field who write about everything from getting over presentation fears to creating engaging e-learning and cool shit like that.

Best class blog: The Unquiet Library

  • I wish I could be doing every single thing they do in the Unquiet Library in my teen library.  Buffy and her students kick major ass by showing the world just how awesome school and learning can be.

Most influential blog post:The Snark: My personal thoughts on snarky behavior

  • It’s simple…this post just keeps coming up in  my head and it won’t go away.  Led to me thinking about how to confront my professional life in a more positive way.

Best teacher blog: The Unquiet Librarian

  • A must read companion piece to Buffy’s school library blog mentioned above.  To get the full picture of how Buffy is mindfucking the world with her amazing ideas, read both.

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