Replying to a status update

At the end of 2010, I posted this as my Facebook status.  Just glancing at this, it sounds like a cry for attention, and I guess in some ways it was.  I promise you though, it wasn’t some kind of crazy emotional freakout.  I starting thinking…“why did I post this, and ultimately, what did I want to get out of this?” Social networking, and in particular, status updates, are a great way of getting the energy you need to sort out some shit.  You post what you’re feeling.  As those darn kids says, you “be real”.  Then something really cool happens.  Your social network replies back.  Who cares if you agree with the response.  The beautiful thing is this…you’re getting different ways to look at things.  I would’ve never thought to look at my emotional state in the same way that everyone who took the time to comment back did.  And I appreciated that.

Going further into it…

I’ll always be a librarian.  I didn’t get this tattoo for nuthin’. But working in a library?  That’s another thing.  Like Lebron and how he took his talents to South Beach, I feel like the moment where I take my librarian talents, um, to South Beach, are getting closer.  I don’t know what the fuck this means.  No, I ain’t quitting my job.  I dig these teens here in Portland way too much.  But I feel like there’s something more for me to do.  I’m already writing a book with my 8BitLibrary cohort JP Porracco.  I’m speaking at a few conferences this year.  I’m getting more involved in other things that use this talent that I have.  Maybe that’s all it and it hasn’t sunk in yet.  I guess 2011 is gonna be a year where I find out what that thing is.

In closing, expect a lot more status updates like this.  I can’t do this soul searching wandering shit alone and I really value all of your input.

Also, there isn’t a such thing as a midlife crisis.  The only sort of midlife crisis is this fucking awesome song from Faith No More:

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