I really want to play music again

I want to play music again, and not just in my house while in my pajamas for five minutes at a time.

Am I any good at this?  I don’t know.  I just try to create the music that I want to create.

No, I can’t do this for a living.  I’m the type of creature that requires a steady paycheck to maintain some kind of sanity.

I want to make albums and put them online for free.

I want to play some live shows where people sing and dance.

I’m really scared to do this.  What will people think?  Would I be accepted in a music town like Portland, ME?  How could I get people to play in my band?  Would they want to play my songs?

I am filled with hesitation and doubt.  What do you think I should do?

Listen to the music I have created here: http://belsapadore.bandcamp.com/


  1. Go to open mic nights. Best way to re-develop your chops, meet people who dig what you do, and play live without the pressure of having to book shows/worry about draw, et cetera.

  2. What’s holding you back – you always played music that you liked and didn’t care what others thought – so just do it!

  3. That’s how I sounded when I first started creating mashups with photoshop, gimp, and inkscape. I was worried about what people would think. Then I got over it because I liked doing it and having fun. So… create away, dude. 😀

  4. I second the open mic suggestion. Do it! I’m listening to your stuff right now and it’s pretty rad!

    Relatedly, it kills me a little that I’m not out performing solo work or in musicals dancing and singing my little heart right now. Damn grad school, which I’m probably starting again very soon. I am a MUSIC librarian for Pete’s sake, with a BA in Theatre. And what am I doing with those talents right now? Choirs and talent shows. It’s all well and good, but it’s not enough. Le sigh.

  5. Do it, Justin! Two of my friend’s parents are in bands and do gigs for fun, so it’s not like it’s ever too late to start. (: If you’re serious about doing it on the side for fun or whatever, just take the plunge and go for it. You won’t know until you tryyy.

  6. Music has been a weird journey for me. I tend to be one of those people that puts it all out there. I believe they call it “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. This can be hard for the person creating the music and it can also be rough on the person listening. I mean, who wants to listen to me talk about stuff that goes on with me?

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