The Beach Boys and Libraries PART 6

1977 saw the release of one of the most unique records in the Beach Boys catalog. That album, titled Love You, was full of chirping synthesizers, barely played drums, croaking voices, songs about Johnny Carson and the Solar System, and more.  The highlight of the album was that it featured 14 songs, all of which were either written or co-written by Brian Wilson himself.

By this point, Brian had been through the ringer.  He had the highs of the Beach Boys early successes, the lows of depression in the mid 70’s, and much much more.  However, on Love You, I hear the sound of a person full of excitement.

My favorite cut has to be “Mona”, which stomps along for just over two minutes, repeating the same chords and melody.  There’s just something so simple and lovely about it.

“Ding Dang” is a burst of energy which lasts even less than a minute but it’s packed full of energy.  I always smile when I hear this song…and then put it on again, and again, and again….

All of Love You blows me away.  The songs may have simple melodies, cheesy lyrics, and not appeal to everyone, but Love You taught me that those kinds of things don’t matter.  The emotions you pass along to the people in life are the only thing that’s important.

No matter how hard things get in your life you YOU NEVER LOSE YOUR GIFT.

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