The end of the eReader debate (for me)

I bought a Kindle because I wanted to use a Kindle to read eBooks.

In my eyes, the Kindle provides a great reading experience.  I like the device and how it works.  I like the ability to highlight quotes, store them, and share them.  I like how it manages books and PDF’s.

It all boils down to happiness.  From now on, I will encourage patrons to buy the eReader that makes them the happiest.  DRM issues, cloud storage, who actually owns the book…all of that stuff has importance, but it should be secondary to happiness and a great reading experience.

To encourage patrons to the eReader that makes them the happiest, I highly suggest programs like this where there’s open discussion and the ability to play around with eReaders.


One comment

  1. Hey Justin, welcome to the eReader world. I have a kindle and a Kindle Fire. I like the regular Kindle because it’s lighter and you can read with it outside. While i still read regular books (duh, they’re free at the library!), if I’m buying a book I download it to the Kindle. I miss being able to share quotes in normal books!

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