#libday8 recap

-My wife Haley has the flu, so I spend all day in pajamas playing with my sons Finn and Aero.  I love the library, but it’s nice to be home.

-Met with Rick from Casablanca Comics to discuss plans for programs at the library during the Maine Comics Arts Festival.  Good things are happening this year.  I can’t stress just how important partnerships and good community relationships are for making the public library relevant.

The Telling Room once again visited the library for their Telling Room @ the Teen Library Tuesday event.  It’s very nice to have them around to interact and work with the teens on Tuesdays.  It’s been a few months since we started this program, and it’s at a point where the teens know that Tuesday=Telling Room.  There’s still lots of work to be done with the program, but it’s off the ground and looking good for the future.

-Thinking about ways to drum up more interest in this event: Interested in Creating Some Artwork for the Library?

-No matter how much time passes and how many times I have to do it, it will always be really hard to ask teens who are blatantly disrespecting the library and the posted rules to leave for the day.  It’s hard to put it into writing and admit it, but sometimes teens are asked to leave the library for a day, a week, or even more if things get serious.  It’s a very emotional thing for me…I want to keep teens in the library and engage them but sometimes it has to go the other way.

So very busy today.  We saw over 150 teens today, and most of them came between 1-3pm.  I was tired out by 3pm and stayed till 5:30pm but it was all sort of a haze.

I worked a lot on the background information for these two lending projects:

Nooks for Teens at the Portland Public Library
iPods for Teens at the Portland Public Library

Started the day with email, and then talked to our programming manager about my FY 11-12 teen programming budget.  We’ve got some good ideas to move ahead!

Did a bunch of social media posts for this project: Wanna Make Some Art?

Tomorrow I will participate in the library wide tour for a middle school class.  Our departments will each spend some time with them and tell them about what we do at the library.  At the end of it, we’ll have pizza!

Thanks for reading my posts for #libday8!

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