Hunger Games program…FOR THE CHILDREN

I’ve been wracking my brain recently thinking about The Hunger Games. Teens and adults love it. They want to read the book and see the movie. They want as much Hunger Games as they can get.

But what about the children?

We’ve gotta spread our Hunger Games love to the kids. If teen literature is correct in predicting the future (and it is, just look at Twilight and all of the vampires running around these days falling in love), we’re in for a post apocalyptic future where poverty, starvation, oppression, and a whole lot of not fun reign supreme. We’ve gotta ensure that we survive and our best hope is to teach our kids.

I haven’t implemented the program yet in a library but here’s what I’m thinking: KIDS WITH KNIVES. It’s our best hope for survival. Teach a child how to use a knife and they’ll be set for life.

The set up is simple: collect a bunch of knives, put them on the floor, put a bunch of kids in a room, and keep an eye on them every once in awhile. After about 5 hours of knife play, they’ll figure something out. (NOTE: you can substitute knives with bows and arrows. I think this is what the main character in that book used. I don’t know. I haven’t read it.)

Whether it be for hunting and preparing a meal, defending yourself, or just a good ol’ post apocalytpic West Side Story rumble, teaching our children how to use a knife is a must. We owe it to our communities to prepare for the real life Hunger Games. It starts with the children.



  1. Haha! Yes, YES! Why are we wasting our time with finger play & rhymes? Blade fighting & obscenity screaming is the future of engaging children in the library. KIDS WITH KNIVES; but of course! Thank you for showing me
    the light & making me laugh 🙂

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