Two ideas

What? An open-sourced online resource for anyone to auto-magically create their own guerrilla wayfinding sign to export, print and install.

What if libraries adapted this program and instead of having a Summer Reading Program had a Summer Get Out Into Your Community Program?  Library members could follow library created signs to guide them around their community to landmarks, local businesses, restaurants and more.  If you’ve got a library card, show it and get a discount or special offer!

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As part of an ongoing partnership between Nintendo and the Louvre Museum in Paris, the most visited art museum in the world, Nintendo will be providing the Louvre with Nintendo 3DS systems that will house an exclusive audio guide. The Audio guide Louvre – Nintendo 3DS will become available in the Louvre for visitors to enjoy from 11th April 2012 onwards.

What a beautiful idea.  I myself just bought a 3DS and have fallen completely in love with the system (not just the gaming part, but apps/communication/social part of it).  These tools could be used in the library to allow library members in the building to chat, play games together, and who knows, maybe we could even get library services pumped through the 3DS.  It’s just another great example of a partnership and how new technology can be used in interesting ways.

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  1. Great post Justin!

    I really like the idea of the Walk Your City project. It looks like the signs could even include QR codes that link to specific library resources (i.e. local history books on a specific landmark, etc.)

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