The Whole World Waiting

The Telling Room’s Young Writers and Leaders Film Screening

Saturday, June 23, 2012   7:30 PM

The Young Writers and Leaders Film Project emerged out of The Telling Room’s Young Writers and Leaders program when instructor and local hip-hop artist Sontiago recruited filmmaker David Meiklejohn to help fifteen students develop and produce their own three-minute video shorts. The honest and heartfelt works created from this collaboration take a magnified look at the teenage assimilation process and perception of American culture prior to, and after arrival. Some project participants will be present at this public screening of their works, followed by Q&A with attendees.

(Doors at 7, Screening Begins at 7:30, Free and open to the public, suggested donation $10 at the door.)

Please call 207-761-1757 for more information.

I’ll be attending this showing of the Telling Room movie that features this year’s Young Writers and Leaders class at the Telling Room.  Many of the teens in this movie are frequent library users and you may remember a Kickstarter campaign that I posted about in the past to help the project.  I can’t wait to see them on the big screen and to hear their amazing stories.


2 thoughts on “The Whole World Waiting

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