Positive signage!

I’m always happy to see signage that is positive, but I was OVER THE MOON when I saw this sign for credit/debit card use while I was on vacation.  I see so many signs that say “$5 DOLLAR MINIMUM” or something like that and it really bums me out.  I understand that businesses have to pay a fee on these transactions but I feel that these signs just make me feel bad about choosing to use my debit card instead of carrying cash.

When I saw this sign, I smiled.  It also led to them getting more business…my family and I were back for ice cream the next night!

3 responses to “Positive signage!

  1. There is nothing worse than going in for a quick bite to eat only to discover a sign that says they only accept cash or they only accept cards over a certain amount. It’s the way the world is moving and I think businesses just need to accept that and move forward with the technology.

  2. Yeah. I’m really excited for NFC. How come it is taking so long to become popular?

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