I’ve been writing and recording music for most of my life .  However over the past six years I’ve set it aside to focus on other things.  Now that my youngest son Aero can crawl and my oldest son Finn is more than capable of running around himself (he’s 3.5 years old), I’ve begun again to pick up the guitar and write bits and pieces of music.  And I’ve missed it quite a bit.

It’s been one of those moments in my life where I’ve realized that I’m clearly entering a new phase in my life.  To “clean house” and get ready for this new phase,  I’ve been working on collecting, organizing, and putting all of the music I’ve written and recorded between 2001-2011 online for free.  Most of this stuff has been available for many years now, but some is brand new to the public.  Anywho, I’m happy to share it all with you now and I hope you enjoy it.

Please visit to download any of the eight collections of music I have compiled.

Please visit to read writings and thoughts on the music I have created between 2001-2011.

Thank you for your time!








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