Sim City: Inside South Korea’s $35 Billion Plan to Build a City from Scratch by Dan Frommer

(note: I had to share this post since it connects real life to video gaming.  I am an avid Sim City fan and I love seeing the parallels between real life and what happens in the video game itself.  This story could be a really great resource to use for those talking about the real life applications of video games.)


New Songdo City, the place I’m visiting, is a real-life game of SimCity with billions of dollars at stake.

This brand-new city is being built from scratch on reclaimed land that once lay beneath the Yellow Sea. It’s a high-design and high-tech place, master-planned to offer a quality of life that most Koreans don’t have access to. And it’s the Korean government’s big, new bet to attract foreign companies building their presence in Asia, competing with the likes of Hong Kong, Singapore, and even Seoul.

But today, not nearly finished, Songdo still feels as much theory as reality. It’s half city of tomorrow, half construction site. In a couple places, if you squint the right way, you might think you’re in downtown Chicago. But then turn around and see overgrown lots, vacant storefronts, empty office towers, and deserted streets.

You can read the whole article by clicking here

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