Branch has the possibility to change how we use Twitter

I’m not a big tech person who can spot trends, etc (I really thought Google Wave was gonna be awesome) but I’m very excited about Branch, a service that recently was unveiled.  I’ll turn it over to Richard Macmanus of Read Write Web to give you some info on the service:

You can start a discussion based on something you found on the Web, or an original thought. You then add people to the discussion via email or Twitter – so the discussion remains closed and you control who’s in it. However you can choose to publish the branch publicly elsewhere, such as on WordPress.

My thoughts on Branch?  This could change how we use Twitter quite a bit.  I’ve used Twitter on many occasions to build booklists for my library members but I’ve always had trouble collecting the responses.  Branch will solve that.

I’ve only been involved in one conversation on Branch so far but I’ve enjoyed the conversation:

Read more about Branch here and here

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