Great signage at the Common Ground Festival

I really enjoyed seeing this sign over the weekend when my family and I made the annual trek to Unity, Maine to visit The MOFGA Common Ground Festival.  Not only was it very clear what the organizers were trying to do (collect photos and videos of the festival to share) but it was also clear to the person entering what they were agreeing to (an image/video of you may be used in some manner).

This is the approach I’ve always took with taking photos and video in libraries.  I announce that we will be possibly using these photos and videos to promote the library.  Most of the time, the people involved are happy to be part of the photo/video.  Those that do not wish to be included gladly step to the side.

Are libraries doing something like this, or are we still making our patrons sign a piece of paper saying that we can use their image?  I’m curious to see what the trend is!



  1. At the library where I work, we always do permission forms or take photos that don’t show faces of kids under 18, but I like a sign, especially for big events, and will share this idea with colleagues. You’re right about people who don’t mind happily participating and those who don’t want to be photographed shying away.

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