Help Today, Help Tomorrow

Help today, help tomorrow…

For the next week, I am organizing a fundraising drive for EveryLibrary in collaboration with Kate over at the most excellent Lifeguard Librarian Tumblr. It’s a bit of a friendly competition between us, a twitter vs tumblr kind of thing. Who can get to $1000 in donations for the most excellent EveryLibrary PAC first? The friendly competition between social media librarians begins!  Each day this week we’ll be talking about how important EveryLibrary is to the future success of libraries at the ballot box. And each day we’ll also highlight a specific way that you can help libraries that were hit by Hurricane Sandy.

By next Tuesday we’re aiming for $1,000 to help EveryLibrary make it possible to win more library ballot measures in 2013 and 2014, which means better local libraries. If 10 people can help with $10 each, we’re 10% of the way there.

If you haven’t heard of EveryLibrary, you can read more about the political action committee here

Libraries need to talk to voters directly about the bonds, levys, milliages, and referendum that build, renovate, or expand library services for the next generation. Any library initiative anywhere matters to every library everywhere. Make your pledge today.

Why am I doing this? Because I believe that for libraries to work better this PAC is the best way librarians and our communities can support the future of libraries.

So, I ask you to please consider donating EveryLibrary if you have the ability to this week. You can visit the donation page by clicking here to go to and follow the simple steps to donate

If you don’t have the ability to contribute now, I urge you to contribute to one of the most excellent drives happening below:
for cash donations
for materials donations
New Jersey Library Association relief project

Twitter: @everylibrary and #ELPAC


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