Facilitate REAL


I had a really great, brief chat with a friend earlier this week.  We were talking about the future of libraries and how so much just seems to keep going more and more digital yet we all still agree that HUMAN INTERACTION is one of the most important things we have in our tool belt.

He then came up with the idea that we FACILITATE REAL in the public library.

Be authentic.  Be honest.

This mantra will guide me in 2013.


  1. Does this mean I can stop pretending to care about other people’s ancestors? Some degree of neutrality is required of a public service librarian.I may not agree with the politics of some of my patrons but I still need to respectfully assist them to find out how to petition the state to change laws that I applaud and they find abhorrent.
    Of course a very strong part of my authentic self believes that the free flow of information is a corner stone of what I do. So maybe the question is to which authentic self I remain true?

    • I should’ve added neutrality in all of this Peggy because you are right…we always have to remain neutral. To me, I take “FACILITATE REAL” and use it to encourage myself to always be 100% for the community. Neutral but real! I think that’s totally possible!

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