Square and Libraries


Are any libraries out there using Square to process credit card and mobile payments? If so, what have been your experiences so far?  If not, what is holding you back?

For those that haven’t heard of Square: Square is an easy way to accept credit card and mobile payments.  It was started by Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) back in 2010 and recently gained a lot of attention when Starbucks invested $25 million in the company.

I’m usually not that impressed by these types of things but then I started using Square two weeks ago.   Simply stated, it blew me away.

First, I downloaded Square Wallet to my iPhone.  I plugged in all of my information and went shopping.  My first use was at the Maine Squeeze Juice Cafe.  At the register, Square Wallet popped up and asked me if I wanted to pay using Square.  All I had to do was swipe and my payment was applied.  My photograph showed up on their cash register and said I had paid using Square.  I walked out with a Life Blood juice in my hands and everyone was happy.  I took a screen capture of the transaction:



Easy, hassle free, and a pleasant experience.  I’ve been back to buy 3 more juices since then.

My other experience with Square was at Starbucks where I was also given the option to pay using Square.  Instead of swiping to pay, it presented me with a QR code which the barista scanned (and might I add without any trouble!) and my payment was complete.

I’ll just say it: I think libraries should look into Square.  It is quick and easy.  For the first couple times, it’s pretty fun to use (it’s like paying someone IN THE FUTURE! TECHNOLOGY! WOW!).  The best part of it is that it is simple to use once it is set up.  I’m all for making the library experience easier for the patron.  This will do it.

Cost?  Here’s a screenshot from the Square (click on the image for more):

Simple credit card processing rates, no merchant account fees - Square



  1. I think Square makes so much sense for libraries. A low cost way to take credit cards. I have heard that some municipale libraries may run into roadblocks depending on how finances are managed at the library or town level. I just heard about Square Wallet at a recent webinar.

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