Introducing Prefab: the Library Website Service

I have to admit: I am in library love with Aaron Schmidt and Amanada Etches, aka INFLUX.  They always do beautiful things to make libraries a better place for the community and that warms my heart.

So naturally when they announced PREFAB: THE LIBRARY WEBSITE SERVICE this week I was over the moon.  What is it?


How it works

Sign up, fill in your content, launch. All in the same day, if you’re motivated!

Prefab is designed for libraries:

  • Easy catalog search integration
  • Simple item promotion
  • Events advertising space
  • Responsive design – looks great on all devices
  • Powered by WordPress
  • Easy links to social media profiles

What you get with Prefab:

  • Hosting
  • A back end training session
  • Email and phone support
  • Information Architecture and navigation suggestions
  • Help arranging your domain

Stop the madness

Libraries across the country are all working – with limited resources and skills – to solve the same, basic library website design problems. It makes no sense! So we did the design work and created a template that’s appropriate for many different libraries.

Justin here again: this is awesome.  It cuts out all the little things you shouldn’t be worrying about anyway and lets you focus on giving your community the INFORMATION THEY NEED.

Learn more about PREFAB here

Learn more about TEAM INFLUX here


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