Why I dig LibraryThing


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not big into the social books/cataloging scene, but I do have mad love for the community that it supports.  I also have mad love for LibraryThing.  Yes, founder Tim Spalding is my neighbor (see?).  Let’s put that aside because it really doesn’t mean anything.  Here’s why I dig Tim and the LibraryThing team: they are real, honest, and caring people.  They don’t hide their feelings, they share, and they look out for the community that helped get them where they are today.

I say go Team LibraryThing.  May Goodreads becoming part of Team Amazon mean good things for you, the LibraryThing community, and your families.  Why?  Because good, honest, people (and businesses) should succeed.

Things to read:
LibraryThing: How to succeed in an Amazon/Goodreads world
LibraryThing: How to succeed in an Amazon/Goodreads world (Part II)
Free LibraryThing accounts through Sunday


  1. Hi. I am planning to use your LibraryThing icon (above) on my “about” page on my blog – Is this OK? (to use it… not to plan it). I looked for a pretty icon on the LibraryThing website to use, but all they have is some ugly little chicklets… I just want to put a link to my LibraryThing profile on my “about” page.

    I agree with your post, anyway… LibraryThing is a fine community service. I use them in addition to Goodreads, because I still find Goodreads to be the most simple, smooth and userfriendly site, so that’s where I link to books for readers … whereas I use LibraryThing for my own stuff, and especially want to use it to catalogue & review scientific articles. Which is something Goodreads doesn’t allow, but LibraryThing does because it is more nerdy and literature-freak minded.

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