Three Things in (almost) Three Weeks (5.9.13)

You’ll have to forgive my lack of posts in the last three weeks.  I’ve been settling in at my new job at the Chattanooga Public Library, taking everything in, having programs, meeting some amazing people, and thinking a lot about the future.  Life is good and I can’t wait to really get into the nitty gritty awesome work that Team Chattanooga Library is aiming to do.  It’s gonna be amazing.

Photo May 04, 2 31 12 PM
Me and a bunch of awesome Teens on the 4th Floor making a chair train


It’s only been three weeks but one can tell a lot in that short amount of time.  There’s a buzz in the air about the library and the city as a whole and it is a good feeling.  Things are changing all around and people are just generally excited about the change.  Every once in awhile I spend a bit of time on The 4th Floor at the Library.  It’s a huge wide open room that does so much.  Python Classes.  3D Printing.  Community Happenings.  It’s all there and it is inspiring.

A bunch of Tennessee Librarians on The 4th Floor.  This was my third day at work.
A bunch of Tennessee Librarians on The 4th Floor. This was my third day at work.

So much of what the 4th Floor is about is what we’re aiming for with our transformation of the 2nd Floor.  It’s the floor for ages 0-18…kids, tweens, teens…whatever you want to call them.  It’s a giant open space, a blank canvas, that we get to transform.  Right now there are some adult books still hanging around, some tables strewn about the floor, and some older bookshelves with teen stuff on them.  Pretty soon, everything will be moved around and transformed into something like this world has never seen before.  It’s going to be a wonderful place for the kids/tweens/teens of Chattanooga to spend their time.


Photo May 04, 11 04 37 AM
Seen on The 4th Floor, Chattanooga Public Library

Everyone I’ve met in Chattanooga, both at the library and out in the community, have been some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  They say hello, listen to you carefully, and take their time with you.  For someone who’s never been to the South before, this place is a bit of a culture shock for me.  Luckily, everyone has been kind and patient and helpful.  It’s been wonderful.

The staff at the Chattanooga Public Library have embraced change with open arms.  Whether it be the 1st floor staff who works nonstop at moving all of their stuff from the 2nd floor so the kids/tweens/teens can have their space, the Friends of the Library who moved out of their space just so I could have an office (thank you!), the administration who have trusted and believed in me from the start, and the Youth Services staff who have basically embraced me with a big giant bear hug of support, I have to say that overall we have quite the amazing team here at the Chattanooga Public Library.  It’s a team that works together as one giant unit towards one goal: doing amazing stuff for the community.


Photo Mar 26, 7 35 24 AM

I have an awesome family that I love to hang out with.  We live in an awesome house that we can make our own little world. I have an awesome job where I work with an awesome team and we get to do the most awesome and fun things ever.  This is all that I have ever wanted.  I am focused on the goal.

Time to get to work.  See you around.


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