Greetings from the Year 2453!

2014-03-31 13.44.16

Hello Human Librarians! (I added “human”  because in 2453 most librarians are created in science labs using a chemical process which takes old Nintendo catridges and turns it into a soft paste which is then put into molds that create the shape/form/conscience what you know as “librarians”.  These things are hardly human if you catch my drift!)

THE FUTURE IS AWESOME!  I am writing to you, wait, I am actually just thinking these words and they’re showing up on my iPad 700!  It is so cool!  Don’t worry!  Libraries are still here!  Sure, most of them are run by genetically modified Nintendo cartridges but there are still some actual humans around!  Interestingly enough, the humans are the ones that get the most accomplished.  Why?  Because they’re connecting with their community!  YES!  In 2453 that is still a very big thing!  So to the librarians of 2̶0̶5̶6̶ (whoops my post ended up going back further than I thought!  Hello 2014!) keep on being awesome!  Your hard work will pay off!

Sorry I cannot tell you more.  I have to get back to our 816D printer.  I am finally going to print a real life Yoshi which will help me travel around Zorgblarf 26 (the city where I live, in the county of Xanadu 4!)

UPDATE! I managed to “hack” your modern YouTube and upload this video of my successful Yoshi! Don’t mind the video title!  That is rubbish!  2007!  What?Blame that video title on the hacking!

PS: If you are wondering why I am wearing a duct tape hat with a plug sticking out of it that’s because here in the future the internet is in our brain!  This is the cord that charges it!

One comment

  1. Hi Justin the Librarian,

    My name is Sherry Shumpert-Adams, HR Manager Nashville Public Library System. I’m reaching out to you as a result of stalking I meant sourcing  candidates for an exciting -once in a lifetime opportunity at the beautiful Main Library located downtown Nashville. We are currently seeking a Teen Services Manager. What’s unique about this position at this time is that we are in the process of revamping our entire concept as to how we deliver teen services, what services are offered and the teen space/studio itself. As I type I can hear the construction workers remodeling upstairs. The successful candidate will play an integral part in the design, coordination of services offered, and implementation of services not only at Main but system-wide. We have 20 branches located throughout Davidson County.

    In case you are not familiar with Nashville we are known as Music City and some of our highlights include home to the following:
    2014 Toyota Teacher of the Year (first librarian to ever receive this award) our own Liz Atack
    Tennessee Titians
    Tennessee Predators
    Nashville Sounds
    Country Music Association Awards
    CMA Festival
    as well as many other festivals, colleges and universities.

    If you are interested, please visit to learn more about the opportunity. The job title is Library Manager 2-Teen Services.

    Thanking you in advance for your interest in the Nashville Public Library.

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