The Guts

2014-04-03 14.19.30

Yesterday I took 15 minutes to put new shelf labels (made by Janice Keene, thank you!) onto our Tween book shelves.  I found myself really enjoying what I refer to as “the guts” of library work…the simple tasks that are necessary for the operation of the library.  I took great delight in putting up the signs, screwing every screw into the shelves, and stepping back to look at the amazing color selections.  It was nice to complete a job that so many people will get so much from.

As I move up in the library world, these are the little things that I miss doing.  What is clear to me now is that I need to find time to do these things.  I want to be a librarian that thinks outside of the box and does amazing and new things, but I also want to always remember that I am a librarian.  I think that’s important.



  1. Exactly why I never want to be a management librarian without reference desk duty. I shelve at least a couple of books everyday. I talk to patrons wandering in the stacks. Those tasks remind me that where the books go, and what information people need are part of why the big picture stuff matters.

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