Over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to move on up in the library. With that means greater responsibility (gotta get the payroll in on time and make the schedules!) and a bigger say in how things should be presented to the community.

One of my favorite things that I’ve got to have a say in is adding Other to our gender options for our 2014 Summer Program. It’s a small thing…I don’t know how many people will actually use this option…but I felt that it was important for it to be there.  Gender identity is an important thing for tweens and teens to think about.  When you can show tweens and teens that you care and respect their beliefs, they believe in you more.  The small things mean a lot.  Over time, they add up and lead to real change.  Here’s hoping this change will be positive for at least one person in the community.


    • Good question: I use the stats to better learn about my community. It helps me prepare long term so I can give the best services to all Tweens and teens. I would like to know who uses our library.

  1. Can your teens choose not to answer? On the other hand my bias from the perspective of 30+ years in the profession was that you were going to speak about white male privilege given the title gender. It is hard naming my own prejudices. I am getting better at it.

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