Easy Going

My son Finn has recently had a brief obsession with the film Follow That Bird. It all started with a mixtape. Driving around in our 1997 Subaru Outback, Easy Going has quickly become one of our most “please rewind that!” songs. I don’t mind…it’s a great song with a catch melody and a great arrangement. Plus, it got me thinking…

Two things I hear from adults say when they’re around my kids are: “Gosh! I wish I had that kind of energy!” and “Oh! To be young again! So free and fun!” This makes me ask the question: why don’t adults have this kind of energy and always wish to be young, free, and have fun? Why does it seem like we lose this when we get to adulthood? Why does it have to be this way?

In the Summer of 2014 I had this moment where I realized that life could easily be whatever I wanted to be if I just said it and believed in it. We (my family and I) wanted an orange house, so we painted our house orange. We wanted to have a fence around our property, so we put up a fence around our property. We wanted to focus on day to day experiences for our son’s learning and schooling, so we made our day to day lives their classroom. I decided to no longer care so much about libraries, so I changed my outlook (TL;DR, I still care lot, but I care about my health and my family way more). The conclusion to our experiment? If you want something to be a certain way, make it so and stick to it until you realize that you want to make changes.

When I hear those two things I mentioned above from adults I want to respond with “if you want something to be a certain way, make it so and stick to it until you realize that you want to make changes.”. But I also want to have friends so I usually just keep to myself and pretend this is my little secret answer to life. My conclusion? Write about it on this blog because I want to talk about it and see what happens. So here it is, my grand master plan for life and happiness.

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