JP Porcaro for ALA President

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.20.21 PM

Way back in 2010, I met JP Porcaro at some New Jersey Library Association event.  Then in that same year we were both in the most excellent ALA Emerging Leaders program. We bonded over video games in libraries and started 8 Bit Library shortly after. We went on the 8 Bit Library path for a year or two and then crashed and burned. I kinda had a mental break down for a moment there and JP became JP #makeithappen Think Tank JP. It was a Paul and John of the Beatles of the Library World break up kind of thing. It sucked, but that’s the story and that’s all I’ve gotta say.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 1.20.50 PM

Now JP’s running for ALA President and I’m here to endorse JP for ALA President. Why will JP make a great ALA President? Because he’s the kind of leader that we’ve needed all these years.  ALA needs someone a bit louder, a bit more outspoken, and a bit more from left field. JP fits that role. He’s not your typical library person. He promotes people first and always strikes up a conversation. This is good.

I’m not an ALA Member right now so I won’t be voting. If I could, it would be for JP. Actually, a vote for JP would most likely cause me to seriously think about re-upping my membership.

Best of luck to JP in his presidential campaign. Party on.


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