My goal in my professional life is to be the best librarian that I can be. In my 7 years as a librarian, I have been lucky to achieve a lot of my professional goals. However, over the past year of my life I have hit a wall professionally. I feel like there’s nowhere else for me to go. Do I ride it out until I retire? Or do I somehow continue my quest to be the best librarian that I can be? These are the questions I have had to ask myself over the past year. Well, I now have an answer. I’ve finally decided to go for it.

I, Justin The Librarian, have decided to enhance myself with cybernetic implants that will allow me to be a better librarian.


The transformation has been great! I can do a lot more in libraries than I have before! I can do circulation, reference, programming, management, and leadership all in a single day! I can work for hours without a break! I don’t really have to eat (I do require 4 AAA batteries)! All in all, Justin The Cyborg Librarian is kinda working out!


I don’t really have a soul anymore (Update 3.104X) and my emotions are kind of gone, but you know what, we’ve got more than enough human beings working in the library these days that it all works out. They handle the feelings kind of stuff, I’ll handle anything cyborg related.


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