Little Things


I have written  in the past about the little things and how I believe that they are extremely important when it comes to libraries. Here’s my own personal example of how the little things bring a smile to my face and help me enjoy the library experience more.

Almost every Monday, my six year old son Finn visits the library for the Kids Quest program, which is a program where 5-8 year olds take part in “mind-boggling experiments, challenges and hands-on projects using fun technology and books.”  It’s an amazing program and every time Finn goes to the program he builds something that he is extremely proud of and always shares what he learns with my wife and I.

At the beginning of the program, the participants all write their name on a different name tag. Not only is this a good way to remember names, but it also gives all the kids a chance to practice writing. What a brilliant way to slip in a little bit of learning to the program!  At the end of the program, Finn always gives me his name tag and asks me to put it on my desk at work. I’ve amassed quite a collection as you can see above.

Something as simple as writing your name on a name tag is an act of learning and engagement. It also gives a proud parent like me a souvenir to proudly display on my desk at work.  I see it every day and I think about my sons and how quickly they are growing up and learning about the world. I also see it and am reminded that learning happens everywhere and at all times.  We don’t have to reinvent the wheel with learning. We just need to connect with each other.

The little things mean a lot.


  1. Justin what a proud dad you are how awesome! They grow up so fast so it is great you are appreciating every moment that you can. I am new to your blog and I love your writings. You are from PA well what a small world I lived in Erie and Meadville is the birth place of the famous Sharon Stone. I still have friends back in Erie and I actually worked with a colleague from there while living here in the south. I love the south and have been here for 20 years now. Enjoy your beautiful family!

    • Thank you for reading Debi! It is great to meet you! I used to live in Erie as well…heck I’ve been all around NW PA. I like NW PA. I know it is a bit behind everything but like I said….I think I thrive well in those places.

      The South though…it is pretty good here in Chattanooga! I love my family and I love my home and I really love how that all comes together. It is a good thing!

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