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Please Stop Calling Me

Téléphone ancien by Frédéric BISSON via Creative Commons License
Téléphone ancien by Frédéric BISSON via Creative Commons License

The most difficult and frustrating thing about being a library director thus far is dealing with what seems like a never-ending array of phone calls from various vendors and salespeople who want you to buy something from them. I know it from the moment I pick up the phone that this is gonna be a horrible sales pitch followed by a NO from me followed by a very desperate plea to reconsider. It doesn’t end. The shtick is the same every time. You want me to buy something. I don’t want to buy something. You try to pressure me into buying something. We both get a little bit grumpy. It never ends well.

Please stop calling me.

I do not want your product. My library does not need discounted coloring books from last year’s summer reading theme. I know that some kids may dig them but I don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on just that. I’d rather spend that money on something my community or staff can really use. You know, I’ve also got a really great building to keep up with and repair. I also do not need you to scare me into buying your product. This makes me feel horrible and I bet it makes you feel horrible to scare someone into buying something. Let’s just stop doing this.  If I want to work with you, I’ll find you on the internet and then I’ll call you. Maybe we’ll just email each other. That works really well too!

Once more, I ask you kindly….please stop calling me. I’ll call you. Maybe.


3 thoughts on “Please Stop Calling Me”

  1. I’m still learning this. I’m just a school librarian, but I get calls from companies with great books that will intrigue my students. I either agree to them send me a box of samples or painfully request they try calling earlier in the year where I may have money to spend.
    It’s painful. Some companies just don’t get it. One day, hopefully they’ll understand.
    – Krys

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