This is Awesome


I wish I could give credit to the awesome artist who wrote and created this comic (my eyes must be failing me because I can’t read the very fine print in the upper left hand corner) because THIS IS AWESOME.

(EDIT! This editorial cartoon is by Chris OBrion and you can find out more about Chris and his work HERE!)

The cartoon perfectly sums up everything we’re doing and we’re doing well these days in our libraries. It shows that we’ve survived the “lean years” of 2008-2010 and we’re coming around to a new chapter in our story. We’ve successfully reshaped what we are and what we can do for our communities. Some of us have been rewarded with new buildings that help and support us in our mission even more. We still do have the negative commentators, but as the cartoon shows they are usually solitary, screaming at the wind with no audience to hear them.

Librarians! You’ve done a great job. Let’s keep it up.

I look out of my office this morning and see beautiful things like this happening: someone reading the daily newspaper, 3 folks enjoying our wireless on their devices, one person at a public computer station, and a few others just browsing. It’s a great thing for every community to have a library. It is THE center of the community.


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